Best Gift Ideas for Your Valentine in 2021 (20% off with WELCOME20)

Best Gift Ideas for Your Valentine in 2021 (20% off with WELCOME20)

Valentine's Day is coming up, and if you are anxious about what to gift your partner, I’ve got you covered. Flowers, chocolates, shoes, or jewelry, what is the best gift for your Valentine in 2021?

Jewelry is a timeless gift and thus, the best gift for your Valentine. A simple piece of jewelry can make a thoughtful present and send all the right messages. For example, a necklace with the words “love” engraved as a Valentine’s Day present can be a show of your commitment to your partner.

In this article, I have jotted down a number of beautiful jewelry to help you decide which will make a good Valentine’s Day gift. But before I talk about the jewelries I think would be the best gift for your significant other let’s talk about why jewelries are the best valentines gifts.  

Why Jewelry is a Good Gift in Valentines?

Jewelry is a classic gift sure to make your partner smile on Valentine’s Day. Unless you pull a Patrick move from Me Before You by engraving using only your initials in the necklace you are gifting your girlfriend, you cannot go wrong with jewelry. Here are the reasons why jewelry is the perfect gift for your Valentine:

  • Memorable 

Make your 2021, Valentine’s day memorable with a timeless piece of jewelry. Whenever your partner will wear it, they will be reminded of you. It can bring a smile to their face when they look at the jewelry and are reminded of the good days. 

  • Thoughtful

If you put thought behind the jewelry you are gifting your partner, it will make the perfect Valentine gift. For example, gifting a locket to your partner, because the emerald stone in it reminds you of their eyes would be a nice compliment and thoughtful gift for them. 

  • Lasting

Unlike flowers or perfumes, jewelry makes a long-lasting gift. A good piece of jewelry can last more than 20 years and even become heirlooms. If the Valentines of 2021, marks an important event in your relationship such as one year of togetherness then you can gift your partner an expensive piece of jewelry.

  • Versatile 

Jewelry is extremely versatile. You can get the jewelry for everyday wear. They can pair and accessorize jewelry in various ways. Again, you can customize jewelry, such as engraving a promise ring with the word “forever” and gift it to your lover on Valentine's Day.

  • Meaningful

The right piece of jewelry will send the right message. When it’s hard to express yourself, a piece of jewelry can come to your rescue. For example, gifting your partner a promise ring on Valentine’s Day can express your commitment towards them.      

  • Delightful

Jewelry as a gift always delights and pleasantly surprises the receiver. Opening a jewelry box is mostly followed by surprise and wonder. Hence, it is a great idea to gift jewelry to your valentine this year.

5 Best Valentine’s Gifts for Her 

Most girls adore jewelry. Even if your girl is not too keen on jewelry, it is still nice to have some for special occasions. Jewelry will thus make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for girls. Here’s a list of jewelry pieces from Jasel Jewelry for your special her:

1.     Love Necklace 

Nothing screams Valentine’s Day more than a love necklace. It can be a romantic and sentimental present for your special woman on Valentine’s. Moreover, it is not over the top and can transform a simple look into a trendy one. 

The gold chained “Love Necklace” of Jasel Jewellery is a stylish Valentine’s Day gift option you can consider. Gold is always in style. Likewise, a gold link chain can bring retro back and is thus always in style.

The “love” text engraved on the coin pendant of the gold link chain is not only a fashion statement but also an expression of your feelings towards your girlfriend. The yellow-black drop of the Jasel love necklace can add color to a simple white or black outfit. It can contrast solid color tops and style up your girl’s casual outfit. 

Jasel's love necklace is hypoallergenic. So, if your partner has sensitive skin, you have nothing to worry about. The hypoallergenic stainless steel or brass coated golden link chain will not irritate her skin. 

Moreover, the necklace comes with a 3-inch extension. So, your girl can adjust the size of the necklace and wear it how she likes it. Your girl is sure to love the Jasel love necklace as Valentine’s Day present. But if for any reason she is not satisfied with the necklace, you can return it within 14 days after the purchase day.  

2.  Lola Pearl Necklace 

If you want to gift her a piece of jewelry for all occasions on Valentine’s Day, then you can consider getting the Lola Pearl Necklace. Pearl necklaces are always classy, elegant, and timeless.

A simple pearl necklace can be worn on all occasions. The Lola pearl necklace is also a simple long chain your girl can wear on any occasion. Hence, you cannot go wrong with gifting this elegant piece of jewelry to your girl on Valentine’s Day.

The long-chain is 40 inches in length. But like most Jasel Jewellery necklaces it comes with a 3-inch extension. Hence, your partner can style it as she desires. 

Layered necklaces are the trend nowadays. Since the Lola Pearl necklace is a long chain, your girl can layer it with other neckpieces or wear it separately. She can also wear it as a double chain.

For a minimalist look, she can pair the Lola Pearl necklace with a sleek black dress. If she is wearing a solid-colored turtleneck or crew top, she can layer the long chain with other golden chains. 

Again, she can wear the double-chained Lola Pearl necklace with an evening dress. So, she will not run out of ideas on how to style the pearl necklace you gift her on Valentine’s Day. 

3. Line of Colors Necklace and Bracelet 

If you want to gift your Valentine a matching set of necklaces and bracelets, you can consider getting Jasel Jewelry’s “Line of Colors”. 

The necklace and bracelet feature eight different magnificent colors of crystal stones interpretation. Dark azure blue, lavender, plain white, forest green, magenta, and wine red are a few of these colors. 

The line of colors necklace is made up of gold plated brass. The gold complements the different shades of the stones. Moreover, the necklace is made of hypoallergenic materials, so it will not irritate the skin of your sweetheart. 

Like the necklace, the line of colors bracelet is made of gold plated brass. Its size is adjustable. So you do not have to worry about getting the wrong size for her Valentine’s gift. 

The bracelet comes in two designs, half-round and whole round. The whole round line of color bracelet has a complete set of stones on its band. The half-round line of color bracelet’s set of stones will cover only half of the wrist. Right now, you can get a 20% discount on the line of color bracelets (half round). 

The rainbow-colored necklace and bracelet will add color to her complete look. It will make her overall outfit more vibrant and fun. 

4.   Zenn Bracelet 

Every girl needs an elegant and versatile bracelet that will go with different outfits for different occasions. Jasel Jewelery’s Zenn bracelet is like that. It is a diamond-like crystal-studded bracelet that can be worn on any special occasion. 

The white crystal stones make the Zenn Bracelet versatile. Because it can be accessorized with outfits of any color. The white crystal stones of the Zenn bracelet also shine like diamonds. Hence, it is a great accessory to wear on any special event or gala. 

The bracelet is made of 14k gold plated brass. So, if you are planning on getting this for your girl on Valentine’s Day, you will not be disappointed with its quality. The size of the bracelet is adjustable. 

The Zenn Bracelet has a glamorous feel to it. If accessorized properly, it will serve its best purpose, which is to complete your woman’s sophisticated look to the gala. 

5.   Moon Charm Necklace 

What is a more perfect Valentine’s gift than a charm necklace that says “Love you to the moon and back” on it? Jasel Jewelery’s Moon Charm Necklace with the same line engraved on its round center charm is sure to bring a smile to your girlfriend’s face. 

The charm necklace is adorned with two other charms except for the moon charm. One of them is a clover charm which symbolizes luck, love, faith, and hope. The other is a star charm. 

With all three charms together the necklace makes a sweet piece of jewelry to gift to a girl on Valentine’s Day. She can wear it with a floral sundress or a deep neck flowy shirt. 

The moon charm necklace is around 20 to 22-inch long. So, she can layer the long-chain along with other neckpieces. You can get either the rhodium-plated or the 14k gold plated brass version of the moon charm. It will depend on your partner's preference. 

Notice what type of jewelry your girlfriend wears usually. If you notice her wearing gold pieces of jewelry more often, then opt for the gold plated moon charm necklace. 

5 Best Valentine’s Gifts for Him

Men can pull off jewelry just as well as women. If your man is fashionable and loves accessories, jewelry could be the best Valentine’s Day gift for him. Sure your man might not be too crazy about jewelry, but if you understand his taste and choose one that best reflects his personality then I’m sure he’ll love it.

Here’s a list of jewelry pieces for men from Jasel Jewelry that you can consider gifting your special him on Valentine’s Day:

1. Bolts Necklace  

Jasel Jewelery’s collection presents the ‘Bolts necklace’ for both men and women. The necklace can make the perfect matching couple jewelry for Valentine’s Day. 

The Bolts necklace features two distinctly designed lightning bolts. One of the lightning bolts is completely studded with white shimmer stones. The other one features a plain and smooth gold or silver surface. 

The bolts necklace is made of hypoallergenic brass. You can get it in either 14k gold or rhodium plating. The size is adjustable between 18 to 22 inches. 

If your boyfriend is into jewelry, he will appreciate the thunderbolt design of this necklace. It is not too feminine, nor is it over the top masculine. He can accessorize a simple white T-shirt with this bolt necklace. 

Since the Bolt necklace comes in two colors, you can get one color for him and the other for you. You can also get matching colors of the same thunderbolt design. If you are into wearing matching jewelry with your boyfriend, this necklace is perfect.

If you want to gift your boyfriend something fancy for Valentine’s Day, you can consider Jasel Jewelery’s ‘Kim Necklace’. The robust design of the Kim necklace is eye-catching and can turn any dull outfit into a fashionable one.

The Kim necklace is adorned with a chunky coin pendant attached to a flat curb chain. A black or white circle is bordered by the golden or silver coin pendant. Roman numbers are engraved on the border circle of the coin pendant.  

The metal flat curb chain is a classic design for men’s necklaces. It is a statement piece. Altogether the design of the Kim necklace cannot be called anything other than elegant. 

Your partner can accessorize the Kim necklace with a plain V-neck or a crew neck top. He can even pair it with a dress shirt. But it is always better to dress down when wearing eye-catching jewelry like a thick flat chain. 

 Kim necklace is available in two colors, gold, and silver. It is made with hypoallergenic stainless steel or brass. The necklace material has a 14k gold plating or a silver finish. The size is 20-inches but your partner can adjust it a little to his preference.

  1. Carmona Chain

Short chains are classic male adornments. So, you cannot go wrong with gifting elegant short chains to your beau on Valentine’s Day. Plus, if you want to give your man a subtle but elegant piece of jewelry for Valentine’s Day, you can consider the Carmona Chain of Jasel Jewelry. The Carmona Chain is a rhodium or 14k gold plated brass short chain. 

The design on the chain is like a snake’s skin. The snake pattern design gives the necklace a very regal look. It is 16-inch long but the size can be adjusted a little.

Your paramour can style the short-chain with low collar shirts and V-necks. He can wear it to trendy parties or a special night out with you. He can also layer the short-chain with other long chains if that is his style. 

Either way, the Carmona Chain will make your partner look impressive and thus serve him well down the years.  

  1. Jo Anne Chain

You can never tire of retro. It is such a classic look, that it keeps bringing back the best fashion statements of the past. If you want to gift your lover boy a simple but timeless chain, you can consider the Jo Anne chain. 

The 18 to the 20-inch long chain is made of brass. It is a 14k gold plated chain that can be paired with anything. 

Do not underestimate the impact simple jewelry can have on someone’s overall appearance. If your partner accessories the Jo Anne chain well, he will be able to take full advantage of the retro vibe the jewelry brings.

He can pair the Jo Anne chain with just about anything, from formal shirts to casual T-shirts. With it, your lover will not only have a sleek and complete look but also a constant reminder of you in the form of jewelry. 

  1. Johanna Silver Chain

The Johanna Silver chain is similar to Jasel Jewelery’s Jo Anne Chain. Even the snakeskin design of the chain is similar. The only difference is the color of the two chains.

The Johanna chain took inspiration from the 70s and is a classic retro piece. If your beau is more into silver pieces of jewelry than gold, you should gift him this chain. 

The chain is adjustable between 18 to 22 inches. It is made up of rhodium-plated brass. It is also hypoallergenic. 


Commemorate your relationship with your lover, this Valentine’s Day with Jasel Jewelry. In 2021, surprise your better half with jewelry that expresses exactly how you feel about them. You can get the love necklace, the moon charm necklace, couple jewelry, or whatever you think will make your partner smile the brightest.

At the end of the day, it is always the thought that counts and makes a gift the best. I hope you agree with me that jewelry makes the best gift for your valentine in 2021. Hope this article was of help to you in choosing the perfect gift for your significant other. Wishing you and your valentine a happy valentine’s day. 

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